Saving money on telephone calls with a GSM Gateway

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Waht a Gsm gateway can do for your call costs

A GSM Gateway is a device that reduces your costs when calling from your land line. By routing your calls through a mobile network you can make calls for a much lower price. By placing your SIM card into the device your call now essentially becomes a call between mobile networks and not a call between a fixed and mobile network. Since the rates on mobile to mobile networks calls are less expensive you will save money.

To use a GMS Gateway you must have a programmable PABX phone system. The system needs to have a minimum of one free port. You will also need an active SIM card from the mobile plan you want to use. After installation and programming you will not deal with any other technical support issues. The call quality is excellent when placing calls through your GSM Gateway.

Voip has become of the hottest phone trends in recent years as people flock to them to reduce calling costs. With a GMS Gateway you will actually save more money that you would by switching to Voip unless you are making a lot of international calls.

Let’s look at how a GMS Gateway helped save one Australian hotel money. Metro Hotel A is a 50 room hotel who until recently had a company plan on their landlines with one of the country’s largest telephone companies. Having six dedicated voice lines the hotel was paying about $1,000 each and every month for calls made within Australia. Recently they switched to a four port GSM Gateway and four unlimited calling plan SIM cards. These new plans mean calls can be made anywhere to anywhere in the country with no extra costs based on the calling time during the month. This new calling configuration now costs the company a total of $476 per month. This reduced the hotels costs by over $500 a month, a total annual savings of $6,000.

As you can see a GMS Gateway can very quickly pay for itself. If you are fed up with the high cost of calling I strongly suggest you look into a GMS Gateway. I’m glad I made the switch.
For cheap landline to mobile calls this is a great way to save money.

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