How To Choose a Private Investigator

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Choosing a Private Investigator

Choosing the right private investigator is very essential when it comes to solving cases. Most people will need to first analyze their particular situation and find an investigator who may specialize in that area. In other words, it wouldn't be a good idea to hire an investigator who works with cheating spouses to investigate a crime. Here are some methods for choosing a really good investigator for your needs:

Check Their Credentials

After narrowing down your options for private investigators who specialize in your particular situation, it is now time to check their credentials. Some of the best investigators will hold a degree in Criminal Justice or Homeland Security. There are also other licensing organizations for private investigators for each state. These organizations will often have their own list of investigators listed in their directory. Attorneys also may have great recommendations for private investigators, especially if they have worked with them in the past on certain cases. Recommendations from friends is also very helpful. Make sure to check the licensing requirements for each state or the state you live in to make sure your investigator is legit. Some investigators will hire outside help to assist them with cases who are not qualified or have experience in the law enforcement field. Make sure to get a clear list of who the private investigator uses in his case as employees or partners. Make sure to see if the required license by the state is placed in the investigators office or place of business. If you cannot see it right away, ask for it.

Check For Complaints and Reviews

There are a lack of private investigators, so if there is one who is licensed, there may be reviews of their services online. There are a ton of review forums that discuss certain business professionals. Make sure to check for any complaints that may have been filed (this can be done by checking with the Better Business Bureau) or the police department. You can also ask the state licensing board for any complaints against the investigator. Look into how many years the person has been doing private investigating. What other qualifications and experience do they have in the law enforcement field? Make sure to check references.

Does Your Private Investigator Have a Passion For What They Do?

Choosing the right private investigator has a lot to do with passion. Some people were born to help others. Their passion can be determined when having a personal consultation with the private investigator. Do they have a personal story that relates to yours? This will show that the investigator has empathy for your situation and has dedicated their life to solving a particular problem.

If you are seeking a professional private Investigator then AIS 2000 should be able to help you. They are investigation specialists who specialize in general investigations, insurance investigation and corporate loss.

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