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What to See and Do in Aberdeen, Scottland

Taking a tour or a visit to the British Isles and Ireland and Scottland, you should not leave off Aberdeen, Scotland. Aberdeen City is such a fun place to play tourist. Aberdeen is the third largest city in Scotland and is located on the North East corner right on the coast. It is said that it is either raining or snowing in this coastal town, but that is just not true. There are plenty of sunny days, spring days and days that feel like a chilly autumn somewhere else. But being on the coast is an added benefit for those vacationing here because it opens up all the water fun and enjoying the coastline. The water is always very cold though because Scotland is so far north. At the right times of the year it is not unusual to see dolphins and/or whales going by out in the ocean.

To understand the town a little, the word ‘Aber’ (in the beginning of Aberdeen) means ‘mouth of a river’ and there is a beautiful ‘River Dee’ which runs through the city; this is reason enough to come to Aberdeen on holiday. Aberdeen City is a very traditional Scottish town and has quite a bit of history behind it. The citizens of Aberdeen have preserved the castles and the traditions for food so that a tourist can have fun just getting lost in what Scotland is all about.

Many locations in Aberdeen hold musicals and concerts. Music has long been in their heritage. If you have children there is an interactive Children’s Museum called The Satrosphere is the place to spend an afternoon. They can touch and hold everything and they can really have some fun learning. There are also lots of parks complete with stone pathways that you can let your kids let out energy on. And you and your spouse can always take a long evening walking in the brisk evenings.

Before we go any further on our tour of Aberdeen City, you will notice that they have their own language – no matter where you are coming from. It takes getting used to but if you look online under ‘Doric words’ you can learn a word or two before you land on Scottish soil. Everyone has heard their ‘language’ and it sounds fairly easy. But try to speak a few sentences – it’s not as easy as it looks, but it sure is fun!

About 15 miles from the city are the Castles. Old. (circa 1300) castles and the best way to view all of them is on a hot air balloon tour. Old Aberdeen is where you can ‘step back in time.’ The old architecture is preserved here, the streets and it feels like you’re walking in the 1400’s. Aberdeen’s culture is really seen in their foods. Very different foods unless you live in these British Isles, then you might be familiar. Does mealie puddings, haggis, Lorne square sausages or meat called skirlie sound familiar? It will not be your hamburger and French fries fast foods, so enjoy the change and look for Scottish recipes that you can take home and impress your friends with. Come and enjoy the culture of Scottland in Aberdeen City.







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