Upvc Fascia Boards

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Fitting fascia boards

UPVC is kind of strong plastic which is used for manufacture of double glazed window frames, doors and cladding. It is the most popular material for home repair industry and construction which is offers protection against extreme weather.

A Fascia board is a roof trim which is mounted the top of exterior walls. It can protect roof rafters, joists of harsh elements. UPVC fascia and soffit material can save maintenance and look very lovely which is available in white form and no need to repair every year. Fascia boards are susceptible to water damage. The boards are available in white, black, brown, cream, golden oak and mahogany which existed in different kind of widths and lengths. It should include 20 year guarantee against fading, warping and cracking.

There are several styles of board which is given below:

Cover Board- It is covering existing fascia. It is tends to be thinner as it can act alone in structure.

Fascia Board- It is intended for use without a backing surface. It has a recess along the inner corner to locate the Soffit whereas the inner corner of Cover Board is a plain right angle.

For aesthetic design reasons fascia board when fitted properly look very attractive for roof edge. It gives protection from water damage. A roof needs various attachments like gutter brackets, telephone lines, satellite dishes, snow guards and soffit boards. Fascia boards serve important function for home. Gutters and drain pipes can be attached to the fascia allowing for proper drainage.

You should use UPVC to replace fascia board instead of wood and aluminum. UPVC fascia boards are durable, low maintenance and easy to attach to roof rafters. It is simple to install and require no painting. The new fascia pushed up under the ends of the tiles and leveled which is very easy to get the fascia straight when lowest row of tiles can pushed up out.

The replacement of soffit has certain method. First UPVC channel fixed to the wall of the house and screwed to a wooden batten which can be fixed above the soffit to the wall. You should use outer brickwork at the top using a batten down from the rafters or using structural glue between the soffit and the top of the wall. The original timber fascia, soffits and barge board should be removed before fitting replacements. Rafter should be repaired with good quality timber which is treated with preservative. You should confirm that any nails of the rafters should be removed at the end of it. The eaves should be checked and repaired.

Fascia and soffits are easy to fit and require maintenance throughout their lifetime. It is not necessary to be paint and treated. UPVC cladding is similar to cladding fascias with cladding Bargeboards but some sheet of UPVC will be necessary to shape around the eaves.

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