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Are you suffering from persistent foot problems? Then, more than likely, you will be looking to see a Chiropodist. A Chiropodist is someone who helps people with foot and ankle problems, dealing with anything from in-grown toenails to far more serious problems that may require surgery. A Chiropodist is also more commonly known as a foot doctor.

Like any other major city, there are dozens of chiropodists in Cardiff, so whatever your problem or where ever you live there’s bound to one not too far away who will be able to help. Some chiropodists specialise in certain kinds of injuries, so the kind of foot problem you have might directly relate to the type of chiropodist you go to see. For instance, so specialise in Sports medicine, and so are the expert to go to if you have a sports related injury.

Some of Cardiff’s most expert chiropodists include Toetal Footcare, Feet in Focus, Feet First, and Acorn Chiropody. Standard treatments you can expect from a Cardiff chiropodist include nail trimming and treatment of basic nail problems, removal of corns and dry or callused skin, and treatments for vurrucae. If suffer from more complex pain – and not even in the feet, potentially hip, knee or back pain, too – some chiropodists also offer treatments that examine posture of joint issues that could be leading to the pain.

The vast majority of Cardiff’s chiropodists are private health professionals, and hence charge for their services. Prices vary depending on the treatment and examination needed, though prices start from around £30, increasing for more complex or repeating treatments.

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