A Small Guide To Traveling In Germany

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Guide To Traveling In Germany

Perhaps you have family you want to visit or you just have heard of the fabulous beauty that makes up the Deutchland. Regardless of the reason, a visitor can never go wrong with a trip to Germany. Here, we have a Reader's Digest version of a guide to traveling in Germany. So grab your passport, get out the pencil and paper and take some notes.

When you're making your list of must visit cities, Munich and Berlin will most likely be at the top. However, another top contending city is Potsdam. This is the kind of city where fairy tales come true. It's filled with castles, lakes, forests and even a University. It's considered one of the nicest cities in the country and should not be missed. Take in one of the little street cafes or read the history on the many monuments that dot the city map. Located just south of Berlin, it's an easy drive from there when you are in that part of the country.

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On the opposite end of the spectrum and the country too for that matter, you'll find Frankfort. This bustling modern city boasts some of the tallest building in all of Europe. Start with the Main Tower. At 200 meters in height, this modern marvel offers the bird's eye view of the entire city. You should also check out the historic district in Frankfort. In addition, you should also take a day trip to visit the Frankfort and/or the Höchster castle. Both offer amazing looks into the architecture that made up the romantic Germany we know so well.

If you're a lover of wine, a must stop and see city is Wurzburg. It's located in the lower center part of the country and is situated on the Main River. For a bit of culture in your trip, take a peak into the Mainfranken Museum, which shows artifacts from prehistoric times all the way to modern times. This fine city is considered one of the best baroque cities and is nestled in the valley with the Main River.

Moving southwest on your journey, you'll find the historic town of Heidleberg. Of course, you'll have to see the Heidleberg castle as that's what the city if famous for. However, you'll also want to visit oldest university in Germany. With university towns such as this, you'll also want to take in some local culture and enjoy the pub crawl that it is famous in this area.

You could take a week and only enjoy a small portion of this great countryside. So instead, take a month and go by train or car hire to see all this lovely country has to offer.

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