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Road traffic accident injury claims

In the unfortunate event of a road traffic accident, one in which the fault was not yours and resulted in an injury of any variety, you have the rights to make a personal injury compensation claim. There are many ways in which the accident could have occurred, depending on the situational factors such as your position in the vehicle, the procedure and compensation may vary.

For passengers in the accident-suffering vehicle, where a collision has taken place, it is the insurance company of the party that caused the accident that should be your first point of contact. This could either be the driver in whose vehicle you were traveling, or a third party driver, and in some cases, both.

The personal injury claim will also be made against the insurance company of the driver of the vehicle which collided into you in a situation where you are either one of the following:

- motorcyclist

- pedal cyclist

- pedestrian

- driver

in some cases, it is possible to claim for personal injury caused by an accident abroad or whilst on holiday. The range of injuries covered is plentiful although the most common form of injury in the case of a road traffic accident is whiplash and can be covered fully.

You will obviously have to prove that your driver or a third party driver were responsible for the accident that resulted in your injury. It is very beneficial to your claim if you manage to collect names, addresses and contact details of witnesses at the time of the accident and photographic evidence is also of great value. Also, if you wish to cover the costs of prescriptions and traveling with regards to your injury, it is advised that you keep receipts with you for reference and as a source of proof.
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