What is Semi Permanent Makeup

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What is Semi Permanent Makeup ?

Every woman has gone through carefully apply her makeup only to have to fix it or reapply it throughout the day. Or, has had it smudged or smeared during swimming, working out or taking a quick nap. To cure this, and to always look fresh, even when just waking up, many women are seeking out semi permanent makeup.

Semi permanent makeup is a type of cosmetic tattooing that applies pigmentation to the skin in strategic areas. It is generally not used to provide an over made-up look, but to give the woman a natural, slightly enhanced beauty. There are normally three general areas treated:

*Semi Permanent Eyeliner Makeup
*Semi Permanent Eyebrow Makeup
*Semi Permanent Lip Liner and Lip Makeup

Semi Permanent Makeup is becoming increasing more popular and, of course, has a huge following of celebrities. Some of the benefits of Semi Permanent Makeup are:

*making lips look fuller
*enhance eyes to make larger
*increase fullness of eyebrows
*creating a younger looking mouth with color
*giving eyebrows the perfect arch
*eyeliner that never smudges
*perfect looking makeup all the time
*saves endless time applying and reapplying

To have Semi Permanent Makeup a patient should allow 90 minutes for their first treatment. If they are having what is considered a full face treatment then 3 hours time should be allotted. After the shape and the most suitable pigments are selected for your procedure the pigment is then implanted into your skin. A topical anesthetic is normally used to for numbing and it has been described as the pain level being equivalent with having your eyebrows tweezed. Following your treatment it is typical that the areas be slightly darker for a few days until your actual color comes out. Depending on if an anesthetic was used, there may be a little swelling that ceases by the end of the day. Patients are provided with after-care instructions, as well as verbal instructions, for follow-up when discharged.

Semi Permanent makeup can last anywhere from 2 up to 7 years but the implanted pigmentation does gradually begin to fade over time. Retouch treatment is recommended at certain intervals following your initial procedure. Retouch treatment keeps your make looking fresh and new. The costs are extremely affordable ranging from 250 - 380.











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